Monday, November 17, 2008

Canada’s Economy

A big part of every country that is constantly changing is its economy. This holds true for Canada as in recent years we have seen economic ups and downs. The Canadian economy now headed into a recession due to the greed of corporations, government spending, and bad loans/investments by individuals and banks. We are here today to focus in on four key parts of Canada’s economy. The stock market, housing prices, businesses, and food prices are going to be the topics covered by our group.

Matt Austin

The Stock Market:
Jamie Marchant

- Stock prices are dropping
- Canada's economy is not doing well
- People are losing there savings and investments

Danny Brown

- Cheapest & most expensive provinces to own a home
- House prices are going down
- Average cost of homes in Canada

Hui Wang

- Past, present, and the future of businesses
- Population, the labour force, and unemployment
- Future short-term economic outlook (provincial and country)
- Production exports and the auto industry

Food Prices:
Dragi Stajic

- Rising cost of food
- Farming industry
- Future of farming
- Environmental friendly fuel from farms

Matt Austin

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Please add:
Wikipedia defines a stock: "In business and finance, a share (also referred to as equity share) of stock means a share of ownership in a corporation (company)."
"A share is a unit of account for various financial instruments including: stocks, mutual funds, limited partnerships, and REITs(Real Estate Investment Trust)"(Wikipedia)
The stock market is a place where people can sell and buy stocks.
-Jamie Marchant
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