Monday, September 29, 2008

Asus goes "Ultra small"

Asus unveils their all new Eee PC 701 earlier this year, which ,surprisingly enough, has awe stricken the mobile computer market. This 7" wide, 20 grams short of a kilo gram piece of plastic packs quite the punch with the options it has to offer to the "on the go" user. An unofficial source believes that Asus originally intended to target children below the age of 10 whom may have an interest in using a laptop for simple tasks. However, it has come to show that the European and North American markets have favoured ultra light weight laptops for the past decade. It seems that the ideal traveling business man is not complete without the Eee PC Asus has to offer. An unofficial source also claims that the Ultra light weight laptop earned its name from a simple marketing strategy: "Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play."

Furthermore, the Eee series comes preloaded with Linux and some open-sourced, user friendly, and fun to use applications for all type of users. In fact, the laptop also uses state of the art solid state memory as a mean of digital real estate. The user also has the option to load Microsoft Windows 95,98,ME,2000 NT, and or XP. What is more, Asus has managed to offer the consumer a low price point which makes everyone happy. I should remind you that today's technology only seems to get more and more expensive as the device gets smaller in size. Comparable products from competing companies typically sell for $1000.00 CAD at the least. Nonetheless, a minimum price tag of approximately $350 CAD will get you in one their lower end Eee PC laptops. Lacking superb video rendering capabilities and multi core processing, this little piece of plastic does have a lot to offer. It was designed to have extreme mobility in mind. Asus claims an incredible 2.5 to 8 hour battery life depending on the task being performed. It also offer the user access to wireless internet and wireless Bluetooth technology. It seems, however, that the keyboard should be used with aid of 2 pencils for ease of typing as it is a compressed version of the real thing. Regardless of which, the user does have the option of plugging in any USB device. All in all, not a bad piece of technology for the price, the weight, and ridiculously small size.

Yacoub Husseini

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