Monday, September 29, 2008

iPhone and Its Flaws

The iPhone was release in Canada on July of 2008 and it has a lot of issues that surrounded it. I was one of the user that was in line to get one on that day. Activation, connectivity and some features are some of the problems that arose. The data plan was also in question and was largely unacceptable to most of the potential users.

On July 11, 2008, I was in line for 2 hours just to have my very own iPhone. This in itself requires patience because it is not fun at all standing in one spot for that long. After being entertained by a customer representative, I still have to wait another hour and a half to have it set up. Their reasoning is that their servers were having a lot of traffic congestion due to the launch. I call that laziness on their IT department. They know that the iPhone is going to be huge and they didn't do any preparations or precautions for its launch. Getting my phone after that hassle gave me a bit of relief however, a month later, I was shocked that they billed me $900 because they forgot to activate my data plan! Calling the help desk was a pain in the behind too since they had to redirect my already redirected call to another person which in turn preceded to inform me that I have to go to a Rogers Center to have it fixed.

Connectivity also is an issue with the iPhone. For some unknown reason, I can’t use my Bluetooth. It can't detect or be detected by other bluetooth operating phones. The phone also tends to drop calls and is somewhat slow in recovering data from the Internet. Video recording app is currently unavailable from iTunes which in my opinion is stupid since almost all phones now have that capability.

Overall, perfection attained through fixing flaws and I believe in the near future that the iPhone will be a flawless smart phone that is slick, stylish, catchy and affordable. Regardless of its flaws, I still love my phone and would still recommend it to my friends. Friends that can afford the data plan that is.

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iPhone = Shiny Pile of crap