Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Online Shopping

Today, because its easy, fast, convenience to modern busy people, online shopping is so common that somebody rely on it forgetting the regular store shopping.

There are so many advantages to do online shopping. First, it is easy to compare the same product among the different online stores. You can get the product with the good price. Second, sometimes, you can get the feedback about the product from other customers. According that, you can make a better choice. Third, if you change your mind after ordering and before shipping, you can easily cancel your order just through few clicks.

On the other hand, online shopping is not perfect. First of all, sometimes it is insecurity. A lot of customers use credit card to pay the items bought by them. For some unknown reasons, some customers lost their card information. Second thing is hard to take a look at the product through its limited size picture. Occasionally, the real thing is different from the picture. When you receive your order, you find the product is not the one you really want.

Although it has some weaknesses, online shopping is more and more popular and becomes a part of daily life for certain number people in modern society. At the same time, some people still trust the regular stores in the real world. Some smart businessmen build both regular store in the real world and the visual one online to keep all customers with different shopping habits. Which way do you prefer to do your shopping?

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