Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog Assignment Instructions

1. In order to post to this blog, you will need to authorize yourself using the email which I sent from Blogger inviting all of you to join this blog. If you do not click on the link presented in the email, then you will not be able to post to 4K Is Enough

1. If you do not yet have a Google or Blogger ID, then you need to Create An Account.

2. Login to www.blogger.com using your Google or Blogger ID.

3. You should see a list of blogs associated with your account. One of them should be "4K Is Enough". If you do not see thisblog entry, then you need to recheck your email for the invitation which I sent so that you can authorize yourself to Blogger.

4. Under the title for the 4K blog are several commands. Click and you will be able to submit a post to the blog.

5. Define your topic. You need to decide what you are going to write. Anything relating to the world of technology is allowed -- hardware, software, programming, networking, P2P and ISPs, gaming, digital art, consumer electronics devices, how people interact with technology, mobile computing, etc. The only thing which I do not want to see are previews. You can write about trends in technology which may have to do with the future, but do not write previews of consumer items such as upcoming video cards or MMO expansions.

6. Define your purpose. Are you reviewing something? Are you providing a How-To guide (how to set up a wireless network, for example)? Are you trying to inform readers of how something works? Are you providing your opinion in an editorial, or are you relaying information objectively?

7. Write your article in full paragraph format using full sentences. Check the style guide provided in the class lecture powerpoints for details. I recommend writing your post in a word processor before copying it to the Blogger post screen in your browser. Word processors back up your files as you work, while web browsers do not. You do not want to lose an hour or two of work because of a crash. Furthermore, word processors have spell check functions which you will find useful. Since HTML does not respect formatting as produced by a word processor, please leave a blank line between each paragraph.

8. I expect this assignment to be between 250 - 500 words. If you wish to go longer you can, but under no condition will I accept blog posts shorter than 250 words.

9. You can include pictures, video, sound, and any html scripts which you would like to include. At the very least, try to find some pictures which work with your text.

10. If you wish me to check your work before you make it public on this website, then submit your post no later than 48 hours before Tuesday's class.

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