Monday, September 29, 2008

Lineage II True Satisfaction

For many North Americans Lineage II is an unfamiliar and unheard of game. They are captured by other MMORPG’s that dominate their life and blind them from other possibilities. In truth Lineage is one of the most popular MMORPG's in the world. In Korea it is a dominating force and continues to swell in popularity, this swell has moved towards Europe and is now starting to be seen in North America.

The game is not for all, it takes a certain type of player to enjoy this game. There is little room for players that want to wander the world with a care free spirit, you have to move your way to the top or be killed. The game is highly based on community play; it involves mass siege wars between several clans and allies. Battles turn into epic chaos when sieges consist of more than 150 players at a time. These mass pvp’s are just one of the interesting parts of L2. Working together as a clan is the main point of the game; few players can succeed by going out on their own. Nothing in the game comes with ease, players must work hard to get the goods they want and the satisfaction that comes with it is great.

Besides interesting game play Lineage II is a world designed with rich and refreshing graphics. True to the Korean spirit it is a very flashy and vivid world which is one of the reasons it is so captivating. In my opinion Lineage II is an addicting, challenging world always changing, with great rewards. Working your way up from the bottom lets you have a sense of satisfaction, the world can be harsh but eventually you look back see what you have accomplished and say “DAMN THAT WAS AN EXCELLENT WASTE OF TIME!”


Brennan D'Aguilar said...

"Nothing in the game comes with ease"

15x rates lol

Naveen (L2 sucks) said...

wicked game!!!!! and gunz is cool