Monday, September 29, 2008

A Double Team Of Epic Proportions!

Ever since the introduction of computer graphics, the scale and detail of the art created has increased in direct correlation to computational power. When it comes to modern computing, the CPU (Central Processing Unit) used to be the king of the hill, but recently GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) power has increased significantly. So much so, that most if not all new GPU’s can easily ‘out-math’ CPU’s without breaking a sweat. With this metaphorical nitrous added to the computing-engine; engineers at Adobe and NVIDIA have teamed up to harness GPU processing power in a way never thought possible. When questioned on the addition of GPU power into the Adobe CS4 project, John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions at Adobe had this to say:

"A critical element of CS4 was to capture the enormous power of the GPU. The
difference is astounding. Performance is important to creative professionals and
with the NVIDIA GPU, they are assured to be able to interact with images and
videos in a much faster, smoother, more engaging way."

And so, enter Adobe CS4, a new addition to the Adobe Photoshop suite of software that is rumoured to blow socks off. With all the extra power of the GPU on hand (of NVIDIA design only) CS4 promises to deliver new features and improve on old ones. Whether it be precise photo editing with new depth-of-field blur effects from Photoshop that tickle your fancy. Or, perhaps it’s the real-time editing and movie effects of Premier at blazing speeds that does it for you. Yes, Adobe and NVIDIA are defiantly throwing a party, and were all invited.

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