Monday, September 29, 2008

Shadow Hearts best game ever!!!

This game was pleasant surprise when I bought it. For the time it came out its graphics where pretty crappy, but it is able to set a mood so creepy it makes up for this fact. This game is an RPG, where you choose characters to make up a team. The main character is this guy with the ability to fuse with demon souls making freaky hybrids. The battle system is pretty cool in that it is much more interactive then your standard RPG of the time, you have this thing called the judgment ring. An arm swings around the ring and has certain parts where you must hit the button, this parts have small red slices at the end and if you hit it in the red you get a critical strike. As well you have sanity points which slowly runs down after each move, when you run out you go berserk and attack anything including your own guys. The story of this game revolves around demons and sorcery. It has monsters from both western and eastern myths and religions. Because of the epic story, interesting battle mechanics, and overall feel of the game this ended up being one of the best games I have ever played.

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