Monday, September 29, 2008

Will iPod ever stop?

When I first saw iPod released on the market, I never thought that it could become today best sold mp3 player on the market. Apple has been developing their iPod to be one of the most fantastic mp3 players ever in the digital music world. The most recent release of new iPod nano really draws my attention to “want” it, although I already have a 30G iPod video. They design the new iPod nano into a really slick and thin that hold up to 16G of digital files, including music, videos, pictures and games… etc. The quality is amazing, with the Apple technologies, the new iPod nano has some cool features, like shaking to shuffle your songs, games that use some sort of sensor and manipulate the way you tilt the device itself, which I found very interesting. There are 9 different colours you can choose from and it is very nice, I personally would love to have the purple one. I have seen so many different kinds of iPod ever since and this new one really draw my attention to it (not to mention I am still considering iPhone but still waiting for the price drop), because the price is affordable 8Gb for $149, 16Gb for $199. If you loved music, you would definitely need to consider this new device as your toy. Apple has been developing their iPod since 2001 and never stops since then. I am thinking when will iPod ever stop being developed?


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Sonic said...

When apple stocks crashes? Lol