Sunday, September 28, 2008

How to build a computer

More and more people build computers nowadays. Many of them do this as a hobby, for some of them this is dedication, and for some this is just a job. I would say that building a computer is fun if you follow certain steps. Soon as you learn them you will notice that the only thing that stops you of building your dream computer is money. Because of this, building any computer starts on a paper.

First you have to decide what will be the major purpose of the computer. It will be for gaming, multimedia, business, or it will be a server? By doing this you choose on which computer’s parts you will spend most of your money. The next step is to put on paper what kind of parts you would like to have. What kind of processor you will use. Do you want AMD or Intel? Do you want solo, dual or quad core? By choosing the processor, you choose the certain types of motherboards that you could use with this processor. That depends on the number of pins and the bus speed required by the processor. But before you choose your motherboard, you should decide on what type of RAM memory and video card you need. Do you want DDR, DDR2, or DDR3 memory? Do you want single channel or double channel, and what memory speed you need? How many memory slots do you need? Next, you have to decide on type of video card. Do you want AGP or PSI-Express video card? Most people will choose PCI-Express, and if you are gamer this will raise another question. How many video card you want on your motherboard? Do you want motherboard with SLI support? Then, you have to determine, how important is sound card or network card for you? Nowadays, most motherboards come with built-in sound and network cards, and most of the people are satisfied with it.

After making these decisions, it will be much easier to choose right motherboard for your computer. Now you have to only decide on what kind and how many hard drive and input-output devices (floppy, CD, DVD, Blue Ray) you will use? Do you want IDE or SATA connectors? From here you will choose your power supply, because more cards and drives you use, more cooling fans and more power you will need for your computer. Also, for some people are very important numbers of E-SATA, USB, IEEE 1394 (fire wire) and chassis fan connectors on motherboard. But these connectors, except for the fans, you can always add to the computer.

Finally, you can select the motherboard, and it’s time to choose proper casing. For the gamers and servers it will be full tower. For everybody else medium size is more than enough. With this you decide on most of your compute parts. Now, you have to somehow put the parts in your price-range, buy them, put computer together, and have a fun. Good luck!

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