Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rock Band 2: Mmmmmm Rockbizzle

For those of you who enjoyed the rhythm based party game Rock Band, many Xbox360 owners will be glad to know that Rock Band 2 has arrived on the market. So what makes Rock Band such a great game? It allows gamers to take control of their favourite instrument and rock out to huge collection of songs from different genres. With a couple of electronic guitars, an electronic drum set, and a microphone, users can literally spend hours jamming with their friends. The selection of music is fantastic with the new Rock Band boasting a collection of over 100 songs, and promising that by the holiday season to have over 500 songs available for download via Xbox live.

Developed by the creators of Guitar Hero 1 and 2, Rock Band takes what made Guitar Hero successful and adds much more, making it a powerhouse on the gaming market. The singing component of the game lets you belt out your favourite tunes karaoke style while trying to stay on pitch for the best score possible. This can be extremely fun, even if most of the fun is being had laughing at your friend’s attempt to sing. The drum kit peripheral has four electronic drum pads and a foot pedal. This lets you keep the rhythm to all your favourite songs just like Lars Ulrich. The guitar peripherals let gamers take control of either the lead guitar or bass tracks of the song. Together with a group of people this game literally allows you to form a Rock Band and take it on tour. The career mode allows you to go from playing small time gigs to huge shows. You can dress up your characters, customize their instruments and give them piercings and tattoos that you wouldn’t dream of giving yourself.

So for all you 360 owners Rock Band 2 is definitely a must have for any gamer. Those of you who are waiting for the PS3 and WII versions later this year, this game is definitely worth the wait.

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